You Have Nothing to Lose

If we aren’t doing your furniture and interior décor shopping, then you really should be asking yourself “Why not?”

I know that for many the services of an interior designer seem a luxury they simply cannot afford… especially now when everything seems to be rising in cost. But when we started Cada Design one of our primary goals was to make luxury, high-end living just that little bit more accessible for everyone. You may be surprised to learn that when we are buying pieces for your home, business, any indoor or outdoor space our services actually come at the expense of the store and NOT our clients. As a design company we are able to build relationships with a wide variety of stores and suppliers, and our list of partners is constantly growing. Through these relationships we are able to earn a commission when we bring business to the stores. And it is this commission that we take as a design fee instead of charging it as an extra on our clients’ account.

You may spend hours going from one furniture store to the next trying to find the right piece for your home, only then to return to all of them again trying to find a chair, table or whatever the case may be to pair it with. The price you see on the showroom floor is the price you will end up paying and it would have cost you plenty of precious weekend time. Your alternative is to contact us and we will immediately be able to assess the kind of piece we should be shopping for – its style, its colour, its scale and because we spend a large part of any given week in the showrooms we are likely to know exactly where we should head to from the start to find that piece. At this point we can present you with a couple of options based on cost and style and you may be surprised to find that you can afford a slightly better quality item because of a trade discount that we can pass onto you, our client. Even if no trade discount has been offered we can guarantee that you still won’t be paying a cent more than the showroom price – the store will be paying us on your behalf – and you will have saved time and received the benefit of our expertise, ensuring that you have a perfectly well chosen piece.

And maybe you’ve already spotted that perfect décor item in a shop window and have been longing to purchase it. Well, we’re asking you to please speak to us first. The more we are able to put through our account at any store the bigger our commissions will be, which means bigger discounts for our clients – and this makes us very happy.

And there is no restriction on where we can exercise our buying power… from antique to contemporary shops, from the chain stores to the designer boutiques and from the artisan houses to the industrial warehouses. And when we can’t find it in any of the stores we can have it custom-made to perfectly suit the environment, design scheme and client’s budget. As an example, a few months ago we were able to put the Persian and luxury contemporary rugs, antique chandelier and beautiful mirrors with elaborately carved frames that our client never imagined she could afford into her home. And for us, that’s the greatest reward as an interior designer – giving our clients something they wouldn’t have been able to put together if it wasn’t for our assistance.


A sense of grandeur in the entrance hall, all well within the client’s budget – and for her, unexpectedly so.


The beautiful chandelier that took the opulence of the entrance hall to the next level


The silk used in this particular rug adds incredible luxury underfoot. We managed to get this to our client at 30% off the showroom price


For less than the price the client was quoted on the re-framing of her existing mirror we were able to purchase this brand new Indonesian Carved Mirror and place her existing mirror into the guest bedroom instead


The custom-designed and perfectly sized ottoman with slide table to perfectly complement the interior design scheme

You don’t have to wait for the end of range sales… we can get you those sales or, at the very least, our expertise any time you need it. And we’re happy to help whether it’s just a piece or two that you’re looking for or an entire house, office, restaurant or store that needs redoing. It’s what we are here for.

Please visit our website for more images of our work and do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know more regarding prices or services we offer.

A Wild Undertaking

Ahead of the Easter weekend, armed with an exciting concept and a sketch model, we headed off to the Kruger National Park with the client for a site visit at the Mjejane Estate, between Malelane and Komatipoort. Here, our client has purchased 2 river front stands each measuring roughly 30m by 80m and the views from these are incredible. We have teamed up with long time friend and architect with an eye for detail, David White, and consider it a huge honour to be tasked with the challenge of creating a family bush lodge in this authentically wild, African setting.

Mjejane Estate, Kruger National Park

In a place this beautiful we could never compete with what nature offers and therefore our concept is strongly rooted in creating a house that disappears into its surrounding. When it comes to life in the bush we long for a return to an uncomplicated way of life, where we can live under the trees and sleep in caves. The design philosophy is to emulate exactly that so that the house may be appropriate to its environment and function, while also providing an extraordinary shelter from which to experience this untamed landscape.

In this part of the world, it is not always easy finding all the information needed to get started with the technical aspects of designing a building. There has even been much confusion about where exactly the stands are positioned within the estate. But our site visit put us in contact with the right people. It turns out that the two stands are actually separated by a green belt, which now works in our client’s favour because this allows for, ultimately, two stand alone houses to be built and designed so as to take maximum advantage of the unspoiled bush lying between them while forgetting about the neighbours’ houses surrounding them. We also managed to organize for a detailed land survey to be done, including the identification of the indigenous trees and the marking of their positions on the site so that the house can meander between and be built around them, instead of having them removed. This will minimize our impact on the site and also work to our benefit in the creation of beautifully shaded courtyards to open the house up.

We also had the opportunity to meet with a visionary builder who, although having worked on some of the R30 million mansions at Leopard Creek, was genuinely excited by our project in spite of it being much smaller in scale and budget. He offered some inspiring ideas and was able to put us in contact with some very talented craftsmen whose skills would be an asset on a project of this nature.


So, now we return to the drawing board and take our initial concept and hone and modify it according to the new information we have gathered from our site visit. This will ensure that when the builders break ground for the very first time it will be to erect a house perfectly suited to the client and the surroundings. We wish to take nothing away from the natural beauty and serve only to enhance the human experience of this African wonderland.

For more on the Mjejane development visit:

The beginning…

Each and every design has a story. Each and every start has a story. Lets start with the story of Cada Design.

I, Carol worked together with Darryl for an international corporate firm. And yes if you haven’t picked up on it already, our names do rhyme!

After the corporate world, Darryl went on to travel and explore his love of the arts. During this time he painted and studied Spanish amongst other things. I carried on working while also attempting to practice her Spanish. One day we decided that it was time for us to challenge the design world and start something together.

Often our friends, family and clients would remember us by  “Carol and Darryl”. It became a slogan for them. Some even made a song of it, including singer Josh Groban in front of an audience of  5000.  We were at first very embarassed by it and were determined to not include our names into our corporate identity.

But as the saying goes, “If you can’t fight them, join them”… So after long thoughts Cada Design was the name of our practice. Cada not only has the CArol and DArryl in it but it is also a Spanish word meaning ” Each and Every”.

With both of us having the basic knowledge and love for the Spanish language, this name made perfect sense.

Our design philosophy has always been that each design should have a story and a meaning to it. Why was that colour scheme chosen and why that particular design. Not only must the design be aesthetically-pleasing and functional, but it should also make sense to the environment and context and to the users of the space.

And so the story of Cada Design continues…